Thursday, 8th October, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 8 Oct 2015 06:36
Noon Position: 17.31S 71.17E

Daily run: 121 logged miles

Yesterday afternoon the wind began to lose its strength and overnight the sails banged from time to time. It can take a long time before the swell reduces and the sea loses its restlessness. Today, the banging has continued although there is slightly more breeze. The forecast is for more wind, however. The leading boats, who were lucky enough to escape this weather patch of soft breezes, are enjoying the better winds ahead and the gap between us is therefore widening. They are likely to make port at the end of the week.

We fitted a new temporary preventer to stop the chafe on the old one, and surprisingly enough, it seems to work fine. Julia is completely submerged in her iPhoto book for Australia, fitting different pieces of music to different scenes. It will be a work of art when it is finished and we very much regret having lost part of earlier photos and videos when the hard drive packed up in Fiji with the loss of all the work completed to then. The computer is a powerful one and needs lots of feeding. Yesterday, when charging it on the chart table it burned out an intermediate cigarette lighter socket, while the socket in the chart table shows the scars of molten plastic. We shall have to use the inverter in future and monitor the heat output.