Monday, 9 March, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Mon 9 Mar 2015 18:06
Position: 05.56S 100.29W

Daily Run: 138 miles

Julia’s ribcage, sore from a fall 2 nights ago, has kept Julia in her berth while her discomfort is being kept at a reduced level by taking Ibuprofen tablets. We do not suspect anything broken, but a fracture is not impossible. Luckily, the weather today is benign with sunshine and a moderate breeze, enabling us to sail under full sail, so different from yesterday when it rained all day and the wind had difficulty finding stability in direction. At one point it was so poor that last night we found ourselves sailing 147 degrees rather than the desired 235 degrees. In the rain and in the dark with my head torch on, I managed to house the port pole, take down the staysail, roll up the genoa and bring in all the pole lines. The wind by then was no more then a light air and with the batteries at a low level of charge, I decided that the time was right for some engine power. I sheeted in the mainsail, which still had two reefs in, and turned on the engine for an hour and a quarter on a course of 235 degrees when the wind returned modestly from the East, but sufficient in strength to enable us to sail again. The batteries had benefited greatly, but remained partially charged.