Saturday, 7th November, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sat 7 Nov 2015 10:53
Noon Position: 27.48S 39.39E

Daily run: 149 logged miles

The banging of the sails had become so intolerable by 2pm yesterday afternoon that we furled up the genoa and deeply reefed the mainsail to allow the engine to provide the power in stead, but late in the afternoon a moderate breeze sprang up so that the sails were soon out again. We discovered a tear in the top half of the genoa that seemed to be running in parallel with a seam. We attempted to get the sail down to effect a repair, but had to give up soon as the sail was very reluctant to oblige. We furled it so that the tear was hidden in the furling and not suffering any stress. The moderate breeze soon strengthened to a fresh one and Luna Quest was making over 7 knots of speed through the water, but barely 5 over the ground. All night we had a counter current of 2 knots, but the wind held so that reasonable progress could be achieved.

Last night Julia found that one of the stove's burners would not function, but carried on preparing the supper and succeeded in producing a first class dish. After washing-up, I took the burners apart to discover quite a build-up of gas dust at the bottom of them. I set about scraping them clean and then adapting our hand-held vacuum cleaner to penetrate them, sucked up the dust. They worked wonderfully well again afterwards. ,

Today the sun is out and the wind a moderate breeze. The counter current has diminished to 1 knot and if we can maintain our current progress, we should arrive in Richards Bay on Tuesday.