Leak Found

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sun 2 Feb 2014 14:03
Noon Position: 17.03N 56.59W

Daily Run: 105 miles

The wind dropped yesterday to less than 9kn and my course to steer for Antigua could not be maintained. The sun was out in full strength having chased away any remaining clouds. The temperature rose to 31C in and out of the boat. Not quite a painted sea yet, as the lazy swell from the Northeast persisted in gently rolling Luna Quest. There was also a lesser swell from the Southeast, which on occasion could disturb the rolling regularity and cause the clash of swells to create a toppling wave.

The starboard staysail sheet had made itself a very tight riding turn on the smaller winch, which was impossible to move. Both winch and sheet were blocked solid. Whoever invented the roliing hitch, did me a huge favour: I used it on another line round the big winch to take the strain off the troubled sheet enabling it to be freed.

At 18.30hrs (UTC) I tried to contact the OCC net by radio (Ocean Cruising Club) on 6227Mhz. I heard voices, but there was too much interference and had to give up. My attention then turned to the galley, where I was having to sift through the last remaining tomatoes. By accident I found the saltwater pump leaking under the galley sink and I suspect that that could be a cause for the amount of water found slopping about in the boat. Another job on the list that currently extends to eleven.

Today promises a good day: the wind is up to 20 knots from the right direction and the sun is out in full with very few clouds threatening its dominance. I have taken to wearing one of my cast-off long-sleeved office shirts, curtailed from cuffs, which I had especially shipped aboard as a protection against the blatant sun. They make very good rags eventually.