Thursday, 14th January, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 14 Jan 2016 10:16
Noon Position: 20.54S 01.05E

Daily run: 136 logged miles

Yesterday afternoon the sky cleared and a fierce sun beat down on the lonely Luna Quest. Since we left Cape Town we have sighted only one ship. We are now just under 500 miles away from St Helena or 4 days (i.e. landfall on Monday). The hot afternoon was spent relaxing in and out of the cockpit while Julia kept working away on her Indian Ocean iBook. My Kindle has given up the ghost, but luckily we have several novels in paperback, one of which is by Tony Horwitz about Captain Cook and his epic voyages of discovery in the South Pacific including Australia. He managed to sail his ship, the Endeavour, inside the Great Barrier Reef along the east coast of Australia. It was not without some anxiety that we sailed those waters and were not surprised to find out that the Endeavour had run on a reef, a very treacherous area of sea, that today is well charted, but for which there were no charts for Captain Cook.