Thursday, 22nd January, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 22 Jan 2015 17:22
Noon Position: 09.38N 78.23W

Daily Run: 140 miles

Destination: San Blas Islands

Our electronic depth alarm decided to go off mid ocean without responding to silence it. No matter what we tried it refused to be switched off. We are reliant on the depth sounder as we head into the San Blas Islands, where we have to find a spot to anchor amid many small islands and coral reefs…... There is always something that does not work at the very time you need it most.

The winds settled down to around 23 knots from the East that enabled us to pole out our staysail opposite to the poled out genoa, but not for long. By night they went northeast again to give us a tight point of sail without one of them protesting. We lowered the staysail and carried on on with the poled out genoa only. Our speed reduced considerably, but it was a safe sail configuration for the night.

It is very warm today with veiled sunshine. We expect to make landfall later this afternoon.