Tuesday, 19th May

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Wed 20 May 2015 00:59
Noon Position: 15.36S 160.51W

Daily run: 143 miles

Surprisingly, we had a fresh breeze from the Southeast last night, pushing us along at nearly 7 knots, but today the weather is as gloomy as can be with low hanging grey, black clouds and very light winds, too light to sail in as the sea is very confused as a result of the swell from the east, waves from the North and Southeast and squalls whipping up the sea from any direction. Julia reminded me that we are here for our pleasure... I dreamed night before last of a lovely country walk in beautiful England in May. I wonder sometimes at our sanity.

We have been on the engine since 10.15am today on a course of about 255 degrees towards Tonga, some 850 miles away. Although revving at 1600, our engine progress is just about 4 knots. Sailing boats were not designed to go fast under power although the modern designs with as little boat as possible below the waterline, do really well under power and are far more manoeuvrable.