Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 3 Apr 2014 01:49
Position: 12.02N 61.45W

Daily Run: 26 miles

Whether in Carriacou, Grenada or England, shipbuilding seems to have reduced to sporadic small craft making mainly for the pleasure industry. The last wooden ship builder in Carriacou, now retired at 70, complained that today's youth were not interested to learn the traditional skills. None of the Caribbean islands now have any wooden boat building worth talking about, but care must be taken to avoid the many wrecks (not always wood) that decorate the Caribbean islands!

The position given is that of St George's Harbour on the west coast of Grenada. A glorious sail down from Carriacou's Tyrrel Bay at 6.45am in 15 knots of wind had us in St George's at lunchtime. The further south we have travelled, the warmer it has become. The thermometer now is knocking on to 30 degrees C and we can expect another 2 or 3 degrees when we arrive in Trinidad, just over 80 miles away.

Grenada is also known as the Spice Island and tomorrow we shall investigate whether that epithet is still relevant.