Sea state

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 24 Jan 2014 12:48
Noon Position: 20.03N 36.39W

Daily Run: 131

This morning I was greeted by another rainbow on the bows. It would seem that this part of the globe in January is prone to rain, strong breezes and lots of clouds. Squalls come in regularly that whip up the waves on the massive swell, which I would estimate around three to four metres high. When a monster swell comes towering up from behind, the size of Luna Quest diminishes to a nutshell. The nearer it rumbles along, a wave on its top might be just about to curl so as to envelop its prey, but Luna Quest lifts her stern and shakes off the frothy anger while the swell in passing causes the boat to heal to starboard before the next swell lifts her and makes her heel to port. The heel is probably no more than 10 degrees either way, but sometimes it can be 30 degrees. The rolling can be tedious and I have to hold on at all times. We had a wild ride after dark last night. Winds were over 30 knots from time to time (Force 7), but, somehow, I managed to prepare meal of rump steak, carrots, potatoes and beans. A Danone yoghurt for desert.