Saturday, 18th July, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sat 18 Jul 2015 01:20
Noon Position: 17.50S 163.21E

Daily run: 132 miles (measured and registered)

Our goose-winging rig has come to an end; the wind has almost vanished to 2 knots from the East. We have been motoring since 07.30 this morning and another 5 hours in the night. However, we know that tomorrow the wind is turning SE 20 knots, which should give us a fast sail towards the Hydrographers Passage, a passage through the Great Barrier Reef (the lead boat is experiencing 30 knots of wind). In preparation of the expected boisterous conditions, Julia is making bread today. It is going to be super seedy honey-flowered bread as no seeds or honey are allowed to be taken into Australia. We also have to consume all our fresh vegetables and meats. It is to be hoped that sea conditions will allow us to cook!