Tuesday, 16th February, 2016

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Tue 16 Feb 2016 17:14
Noon Position: 13.04S 38.28W

Daily run: -

Destination: St George’s in Grenada (Caribbean) - 2,500 miles

Salvador was hot and sticky and discouraged exercise, but we did witness Carnaval during the day, although it is said that at night it is more lively. Given the heat, we quite understood; the sun has been directly overhead. The marina in Salvador was not in very good condition and one cannot help feeling that a lack of care might be the reason for it. There seems to be a lack of care wherever you go. People drop their litter in the road or on the pavement, the buildings look tired, some are abandoned, especially the ones from the colonial period. Even the churches could do with a clean inside and out. Salvador is littered with them and cathedrals, the most prominent one of which was built by the Portuguese in the 18th C. with all building materials (including the stones/bricks) imported from Portugal. Gold leaf is in evidence with one tonne of it just in that one, but despite all the wealth, there are many beggars on the streets and poverty seems to be in abundance with loads of favelas next to roads, behind smart BMW show rooms and other posh buildings. There is wealth, but in the hands of few.

We have decided to make direct for Grenada and bypass Fortaleza, the last scheduled rendezvous, mainly because of reports we have had that indicate a poorly maintained marina with a risk of piracy around (river rats they are called), but also because we are a bit slower than the other boats. Some boats are calling at Fernando do Noronha and then going direct to Grenada or stopping at Fortaleza. We left Salvador this morning at 08.15hrs.

We have met up with a friend from England (Steve Litson), who also sails a Rival 38 and has 4 crew on board. The boat is called Wandering Dream, whom we first met on our circumnavigation in Cairns (Australia). Wandering Dream has been following the World ARC, but will now be making for Trinidad to have some boat work carried out. As Trinidad and Grenada are next to one another, we shall be sailing in company non stop the 2,500 miles to the Caribbean.

We set off this morning in light winds, but sufficient to tack out into the easterly winds and make a little progress against the Brazilian current that runs from the North. However, the wind began to fail after midday and we have put the engine on to create a little offing and progress to the North.