Monday, 23rd March, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Tue 24 Mar 2015 00:36
Noon Position: 8.52S 128.44W

Daily run: 78 miles

Just 600 miles to go to Hiva OA, but at the current rate of 78 miles a day for of a lack of wind, it will take us another week to get there. There is, currently, not much prospect of more wind. The parasailor has a been up night and day and we have given up motoring for the time being. Julia thinks we have enough food for 10 weeks and our water supply is adequate given that we can make 5 ltrs in 25 minutes from the water maker (provided the sun shines). We still carry 4 jerry cans of water on deck plus 5 jerry cans of diesel. Others in the fleet are less fortunate. One of the participants, who is running out of diesel, relies on a generator for his electricity to run his navigation systems and water-making facility, but his generator has broken down, so he has to run the boat’s main engine a while each day to charge his batteries. A general alert has gone out to the fleet, but there is little that any one boat can do for him, as most of us in the fleet are in the same predicament. In the mean time crustaceans and sea vegetation are having a great time settling on the bottom of our boats slowing them down considerably. It is remarkable how much growth has formed on the bottom of the fleet's boats in a fortnight…