Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Mon 24 Mar 2014 20:22
Position: 13.00N 61.14W

Daily Run: 44 miles

Some Caribbean islands have a natural water shortage including Antigua, where supplies had stopped for 5 days. St Lucia, however, has a tropical rain forest and plenty of rain all the year round, but on the day I wanted to fill my water tank before setting off, there was none coming out of the marina tap, not because of a shortage, but because of a burst main in the north of the island. It was fixed overnight and my tanks were filled at first daylight. We had planned to go and spend a day or two in Marigot Bay (St Lucia) and another day between the Pitons (St Lucia) before heading south to Bequia. I found Marigot Bay transformed since my last visit in 2007, but the development has been carried out very well and in good taste, so that the charm of the bay has been preserved, if not enhanced. The Pitons are in a nature reserve and to be at anchor between these two magnificent volcanic structures was truly remarkable.

Today, at the crack of dawn, we weighed anchor and made our way south. A light breeze was insufficient to fill the sails; we motored for an hour until the wind increased to over 10 knots, when Luna Quest lived up to her sailing expectations. We sailed past the island of St Vincent (few people stop there, because of its poor reputation of security) and once past were treated to 15 knots from the East for a close reach to Port Elizabeth in Bequia.