Monday, 28th September, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Mon 28 Sep 2015 06:34
Noon Position: 12.07S 96.34E

Destination: Mauritius (Indian Ocean)

Direction Island in the atoll of Cocos Keeling is a small tropical uninhabited paradise of white sand, turquoise seas, tropical vegetation and palm trees, hermit crabs and a moderate trade wind to keep you cool. The shallow and reef-strewn lagoon in the atoll is surrounded by four islands, of which Direction island is the only one uninhabited. To get to the other islands one can take the yacht’s tender and venture across the choppy lagoon. We made the trip to Home Island twice and received a good soaking of spray and wavelets. Julia had put in an order for provisions for delivery to Home Island, but as the lagoon was so choppy, Rally Control had laid on a special boat to help bring them back safe and dry to Direction Island. We also had our laundry delivered back and were surprised to find on opening our bag not only extra articles of clothing, but also that little of our laundry had been properly washed or dried. The rightful owners of the extra laundry were soon found, however, and who, as we did, pegged the entire laundry around the boat to dry. There are no dryers, we are told, in any of the islands and the washing machines have a habit of breaking down frequently.

Today we have set off on our 11th leg, a near 2500-mile passage to Mauritius, where we could arrive in about a fortnight’s time. The winds are forecast to remain fresh from the East South East and LUNA QUEST is presently goose-winged on a course of about 258 degrees and making a speed of around 7 knots.