Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 17 Jan 2014 15:57
Noon Position: 25.28N 20.01W

Daily run: 118 miles

I have had a frustrating time trying to sort out my router and was unable last night to send my daily report. Apologies for that. I rang Nigel in the evening to enlist his help and as always he was ready to help, but today my email service provider diagnosed the problem and I can again send and receive emails. A nice birthday present. Seventy one today.

I spent the better part of the yesterday afternoon trying to establish the best sail configuration, an exercise that tired me out completely by 5.30pm in the 20 knots of winds, but In the end I went back to what I had in the first place: one reef in the mainsail and a couple of rolls in the genoa. I left the booms poled out without any sails attached to them and Luna Quest looked more like a trawler than a yacht on passage.

I suppose one must expect a problem or two at the start of a long voyage, but one that has irritated me beyond tolerance was the depth alarm, newly installed in Tenerife, that has been going off every now and again without apparent reason, night and day, so this morning with some determination I went through several manuals to see if I could rectify the problem. I tried every angle the manual suggested, but in the end I took a screw driver to it and pulled the plugs out. What a relief!