Monday, 16.2.15

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Mon 16 Feb 2015 16:54
Noon Position: 1.51N 82.53W

Daily Run: 111 miles

Destination: Isla San Christobel - Galapagos Islands

In calm and overcast conditions we motored through the night and despite the whirr of the engine, we slept soundly with only the AIS keeping watch. In this patch of the ocean, there is very little traffic. At 6am I woke to a different motion in the boat and found that a gentle breeze had retuned from the East. We switched the engine off and tried to hoist the mainsail, but found that the halyard was caught up in the lazy lines. With the help of the torch we discovered the problem and once freed, the mainsail was extracted from its stack pack and hoisted in full. The genoa was soon billowing to port as well and sailing on a broad reach, we were making over 6 knots, but by 9am the wind had backed to ENE, which meant going back to the sail configuration we had up for a time yesterday. The wind strength held, fortunately.

Today the sun is out and the solar panels are topping up our batteries. Peace has returned, but for how long we daren't venture as the forecast is for the winds to back further to the North and easing in strength.