Friday, 13th March

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Fri 13 Mar 2015 20:07
Noon Position: 7.29S 109.33W

Daily run: 122 miles

The boisterous seas made for uncomfortable sailing yesterday. All hatches and windows were closed making the cabin quite warm (32C). Every time a large wave attacked Luna Quest and passed under her, she rolled off the other side giving her a reverse heel. The heavy genoa then collapsed before crashing back again under pressure of the wind. Furling a few rolls in genoa helped, but not as much as making the boat point up a little, but that at the cost of adding distance to Hiva OA. In the night dark clouds were packing around us, while the moon tried to come up at about 1am. She showed a bottom half only when free from clouds. Whereas we at home can easily see by the slant of the moon whether the moon is waning or waxing, one could not determine that from just looking her, so perfectly horizontal was the half moon.

The further west we go the later darkness falls and the later the sun rises. This morning at 8.30am I was woken up by the sun jumping into my eyes. I ought to adjust the ship’s clock, but we have a fleet’s understanding to remain on departure time.

Julia feels a lot better this morning and has made a fantastic pizza to celebrate the recovery. It is 1pm and the pizza, about to be eaten, has just cascaded off the back of the stove. It landed in the stove’s housing 80% in tact. We shall eat it with delight.