Wednesday July 8th and Thursday July 9th

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Thu 9 Jul 2015 04:43
Position: Port Resolution in Tanna, Vanuatu

At anchor

Since our arrival on Tuesday, it has not stopped raining despite being in the dry season! El Nino is definitely playing games. Yesterday the ARC fleet had been invited to help restore some of the destruction and some of the braver participants ventured ashore to lend a voluntary hand. In the afternoon a violent squall came through with masses of rain, sending one or two boats dragging their anchor. One of them, whose crew were ashore, collided with another boat that as a result collided with a third. Julia and I were on board Luna Quest listening to nostalgic songs from the 1930s upwards on Julia’s powerful Mac Pro and were largely unaware of the turbulence outside aided by the fact that we were anchored closer than anybody else to the shore from where the wind howled. Luna Quest did not and has not move.

The rain has made a visit to the live volcano in Tanna an unsatisfactory proposition (the fees that are charged for the visit is the main income for the island) and whereas we had planned to leave on Friday for Port Vila in the island of Efaté, also part of the Vanuatu group, we have delayed our departure to Saturday when we hope we may have seen the volcano tomorrow when the weather may have improved.