Sunday, 11th October, 2015

Luna Quest
W. Eric Faber
Sun 11 Oct 2015 06:53
Noon Position: 18.57S 63.21E

Daily run: 174 logged miles

We are having some frustrations in securing a replacement Ampair water-towed generator. It has taken a week and a half for a World ARC recommended agent to find out that Ampair are no longer in business. We shall have to research the second hand market as a secure power supply is essential on board. It keeps the fridge going and communications. Our 10-year old Aquagen is doing its best to do the job, but it is less reliable and less powerful.

The weather continues fine with a few harmless squalls giving very light rain and a temporary boost in wind speed. Julia’s provisioning has been so well calculated that by the time we arrive in Mauritius, we shall have just about consumed all of our fresh vegetables and meat. We have given up on fishing. There cannot be any left in the ocean now that the fishing fleet from the Orient has gone home. We have fished really for our amusement, but the realisation that the last fish to be caught by us could be too big for our consumption, has buried the rod back in its cupboard until we can try another ocean.