Home sweet port Hallso - safely

Espen Aalstad
Sat 28 Jun 2008 21:33
58:57:49N 11:05.84N
Our last leg up from Grebbestad to our favorite Hallso will always be special.
The children had obviously missed their life on board and we had a cosy evening running the Webasto for the first time!
In the morning, we picked up a few local specialities/necessities in Grebbestad before heading north and home...
Who can come back and leave without  fresh shrimp, Swedish smoked salmon, cinamon rolls....and traditional fresh Summer strawberries.
Perhaps our pictures can give a little feel of the spirit of coming home and our memorable last few hours. I will not do justice with words to either our sights or emotions.
It was simply spectacular coming up the Kosterfjord on absolute flat, dark water with the sun almost protecting us from heavy rain over land and small wales greeting us....we have never seen them ever here.
Just ahead of our home port, I was struck with the most immense feel of reality of what we had done this last year and a strange combination of emotions.
I cried and laughed while Einar blasted the horn and we all ran around on the deck hugging each other. 
There was relief of being home safe and healthy, both crew and boat. While we were never worried or afraid, we have seen and come to respect even more the power of nature.
Pride for having lived our dream, at least for a while, and above all pride in our children for growing and enduring. The boys had not sailed when we set out.
Happiness that our family has come through a year of living so close and working through a lot. We are stronger.
Desire to continue .... my heart is in this nomadic life and peace despite the hardship at times. Instead we go back to realities of fast pace and stress.
And grief for ending a year we have been so priviliged to have enjoyed.
We could not have had a better ending to a great year!
The strawberries went fast as we past island after island - and the sun is warming up!
Reunion with the seals south of Koster. They were still there just as when we left in August, but now with babies!
A happy crew in the most beautiful archipelargo in the world, we think!
Elin has been a fabulous sailor, caring crew & partner and patient teen. She will no doubt keep on sailing! 
Finally Einar can sound the horn again in Hallsø sund as Magnus yells 'sjøboden'. We are home! 
Hallsøsund, our boathouse. The Nordic light and spectacular weather over the main land is quite a finale