Calm across te English Channel & crewchange in Hamble

Espen Aalstad
Thu 6 Sep 2007 23:38
50:52 N 1:19W
24 hours in the sea from Zeebrugge and finally across the Channel and onto the Solent. A short diesel stop in Calais was needed as we went against the wind and current. Overnight in the Channel was spectacular crossing the shipping lane with 30 big boats pretty close: AIS identification system is worth every penny.
Now in Hamble where we are preparing crew change and fixing the ripped Genoa and a few more last fittings. 
Espen will do a boys trip across the Biscaya. Regi & kids goes to London to see good friends and Regi swapsplaces with Peter who joins as crew. The kids are looking forward to see their best friends back!
Here it is a HOT day and we are sweating inside mostly the boat cleaning and packing. The kids though enjoy as usual fishing for what every they think is below the boat and this time we can see the big ones!
Next diary entry Portugal in a week or so!
Hamble a true sailors center: what an activity.