Fast passage to British Virgin Island

Espen Aalstad
Sat 5 Apr 2008 19:17
Virgin Gorda 18:31N  64:22.6 W
After almost three weeks around St. Martin, we are all very ready to move on.
We leave knowing the sea may be too high to be comfortable and are ready to divert into Simpson Bay.
It was a beautiful early morning take off in lower swell and good downwind!
We quickly surf in 8-9 knots and can feel how Regina's freshly painted keel gives her speed back. Top speed 13 knots.
A little too much wind from behind, and we debate using our pole on the genoa.
Yet, when the waves climb to 4 meters in a confused sea and the wind picks up to high 20s, we are happy we did not.
Late afternoon squalls, rain, 37 knots and then hardly any wind makes it a long day for the boys.
We make the passage in 10 hours, happy in daylight into Virgin Gorda's North Sound.
The boys are experienced passage makers: clearly this is better than the one's in Northern Europe.
Brushing teeth outside is always fun: especially hitting the water.                        Einar has become an Øystein Sunde fan...'mersjan og krasjan' is fun to surf with Regina too!
'See, I can do anything in the waves now!'
We have learned to dring lot's of water!