Day 3 - Routines and history

Espen Aalstad
Wed 28 Nov 2007 12:14
SW  in 18 knots wind . Weak wind overnight, but up to 10 knots speed today with the spinnaker: We can't help it collapse at times in the downwind: Espen and Ole scratches their heads...and we hold our breath afraid it will twist....
"Normal life" is setteling in with watches, meals and naps. Kjell has started Elin's intense Norwegian history course, a great gift over the ARC from the "old" history teacher". Not much Scandinavian history in int'l school. Today timeline from stoneage to 1814 and people's normal life.
Thanks to our spy Ray we know we are 95 (look at ARC website and fleet viewer). Not good enough yet for the competitors in the crew.