Beautiful Bohuslan coast

Espen Aalstad
Fri 27 Jun 2008 22:20
58:41.05N 11:15.27E
A beautiful approach coming into the Swedish coast and special Buhuslan in the late afternoon. We could almost hear Taube on the waves...and then we think he also knew what it was like to come home after being away in the Caribbean.
The light granite coast shining in the evening sun, white houses clinging to the barren landscape and black squalls over land behind - and only us.
Over night we had done a respectable 8-9 knots coming up Kattegat south of Læso, but the souterhly wind and SW waves of Skagerack was no fun anymore..
We came in outside Lysekil and Smøgen for a tour of the archipelargo for engine.
A real bonus for us all, and Ray in particular,  coming through these narrow ship channels and old fishing communities. Very peaceful ahead of the summer season and still rather genuine. Although clearly the summer tourists now dominate with so many newly renovated houses and cabins. We were stunned at the change (and investment) in this coast since we were here last in our own boat in 1988 or searching for our second home in 99/00.
Ray was more stunned perhaps at Espen's zig zags among the rocks, over and under water. Rumors has it that the CEO of Jeanneau thinks these Scandinavian waters are unsailable (when sombody suggested they need to provide for more easy anchors in the stern).
Otterøn, where we first enjoyed island life for 4 summers in the early 90s. We rented the white house in the middle, the old school house now finally under renovation.
So many memories from here with our oldest children.
Toward Grebbestad. Are we too late for the welcoming committee?
The children and our grandparents had found aperfect waiting spot in a cold Summer night. Erna brought dinner and cake!
The kids  were anxious to come aboard again.
By chance, later at night, the children's uncle Stein morred up two boats behind us. A wonderful surprise also!