Day 11 - both wind and tuna!

Espen Aalstad
Wed 5 Dec 2007 13:02
17:31N 39.07W
Heading 285 W, 8 kn , and wind finally over 15 kn E. Light overcast.  Two more boats in sight and passed.
The wind came back only late last night and for a few hours a good 22-25 kn. We could finally do 10s again.  A rolly night though with larger waves and varied wind.
The boys have moved to single watches and Regi only early mornings(lucky me) to also even out for my cooking and communications over day. Everybody sleeps at least six hours at a time: our day ends at about 9pm when night watch starts.
We marked half way with Regina's crepes and cold rose ( "better lunch than at the captain's table on Souvereign of the Seas" according to Ole). As usual, he has a story for the occasion: the cruiseboat's lifeboat rammed his sailboat. Marinated lamb and Elin's chocolate cake for dinner. Conversion to canned food will be tough....
Luckily, we caught already today a great tuna of 15 kg. Makes up for the two we lost yesterday. Einar and Magnus' bait is the lucky one again!
Kjell and Ole has been cleaning and cutting steaks with saw for the last hour. Beer and aquavit is all the more rewarding.
History class has yet to be started...
Our only little problem is where to put the Christmas chocolate when the temperature is up to 30 inside. Espen's watch moves from locker to locker as our only mobile thermometer.