Through Lille Bælt - south Denmark

Espen Aalstad
Sat 25 Aug 2007 23:12
54:53.91N 09:47.66E
Sønderborg havn. A grey day where we still covered 65 nm mostly in sheltered waters of Lille Bælt. Highlight was the bridges (always looks liek we are too tall at 20 m) including our first one to open here at Sønderborg. A big marina where now there are mostly German sailors and many. Playground with wild rabbits and crabfishing until dark. A scare when the GPS disappeared, and we turned every user manual inside out. Only to realize we had turned off the Sea talk for a change and therefore also the GPS. We now hope to get out in the morning with the current strong SW in our side. 12 tonnes is a lot to move sideways. We are reading up and Regi's latest 'Kids in the Cockpit' book is timely and really excellent with advice. We are already making some unconcious 'mistakes' on how to engage the kids while sailing.