Veijle and Legoland

Espen Aalstad
Fri 24 Aug 2007 22:19
55:42.41N  09:33.90E
Late night arrival through Veijle fjord was easy with modern GPS. Somehow a little fun is gone since our 'old' days with maps, compass and lighthouses, but reassuring when there are 20+ markers hardly visible and a crew of kids sleeping. A helpful Dane rigging his own boat in between a Bayer or two helped us dock at midnight...with about 20 cm clearing under the keel. We must have looked pretty professional arriving...Confidence of the skipper is growing with this so much larger boat.
Veijle city was quite disappointing so maybe it only has Stimorol to brag about. Regi recalls being here to negotiate distribution contract years ago. Now our friend Tami through Cadbury  has quite another influence. Espen was all the more impressed by the local sailmaker, who repaired and refitted part of our Lazyjack. Not well done orginally. The rest of us just had to do Legoland only 45 min away by bus. It never disappoints. Perfect timing also off season to truely enjoy both the crafting and the rides. A long day of play may be needed before the 'transport' legs towards the English channel.
Kennedy Space Center. 750.000 bricks.