St. Lucia - celebrations and repairs

Espen Aalstad
Tue 18 Dec 2007 13:44
14.05N 60:59W
For a while it felt like the ocean was spitting back boats as they were arriving almost constantly into Rodney Bay. Where have they all been?
We enjoy listening to the VHF for boats passing the finish line in the bay and then watch them come in with big smiles (usually) and quickly hitting a bar to share stories of the Atlantic. Our little spinnaker boom drama is nothing compared to others - who have been unlucky or maybe pushed the boat (or inexperienced). Some have also struggled with crew, who sometimes run off or are let off. It is a tough passage also socially. 
After a good sleep and big meal ashore, most skippers and crews must deal with repairs - of all kinds. We have a tear in our main sail, which is easily fixed. Our Lazy Jack is beyond repairs it seems, but strange to see no other Jeanneaus with the same problem. New Spinnaker boom and battons for the mainsail we get in a day sail to Martinique (and some good French vine and cheese). Strangely, the boat does not start when we want to leave! We realize we have been very lucky to not have trouble on the crossing as a filter was badly serviced. The boat also gets a good clean in and outside - also to prepare for Christmas and more crew.
In between, we enjoy some of the many parties organized to celebrate us. Elin has fun racing Optimist for a day of fun on the beach on one of the nice days. The low in the north has actually brought a lot of wind and rain in Rodney Bay - and for the boats that are still out there!
We are impressed with the Norwegian results and stamina. We will have several winners it seems. Still, most impressive is Sol from Halden (Regi's home town) who has done this with the smallest kids. By chance they are berthed next to us.
Sewing job of Lazy Jack
After a week of in the marina though we are restless and ready to move on as soon as the boys and grandma settle in. They have also had some exciting weeks together and have not missed the boat it seems.