Day 10 - mid Atlantic swim

Espen Aalstad
Tue 4 Dec 2007 12:07
18:16W 36:33W
Halfway mark and hardly any wind. We will not make it to St Lucia for Lucia at this rate.
Overnight we have had to use engine to avoid it getting too rolly, which means a really cold fridge again.
Just as we were going to take our first A swim, a bottlenose whale passes 10 meters babord. We still jump in a few minutes later for 30 degrees and very salt wake up.
Freshly baked bread and coffee is not bad.
We almost had morning guests from ARC boat Persuader Too also, who passed right behind. We have not seen a boat for three days.
Ironically, they have also broken their spinnaker boom, yet have not found (creative) ways to repair like us. From all the mails from other boats and reports from ARC control, we know there are incidents (good and bad) on every boat. Fly fish in the pentry to broken booms to medical emergencies. Barbary Duck has been abandoned just in our area, but luckily we did not come close in the pitch dark last night.
Now we wait for the wind promised later today and will sail with less rather than more sails.