Mystique - among the rich and famous....

Espen Aalstad
Sun 30 Dec 2007 23:28
12:52 N 61:12W
We were quite unsure whether to head for the island of Mystique...we had heard it could be a rough sail, rolly harbour and expensive. Yet, we were intrigued to see this well planned island of the "rich and famous". So when Eirik on Lufelia reported rather positively over VHF we were happy to set sail again in a refreshing slight upwind run to Mystique.
From the top of Mystique looking south in the Grenadines to Canouan and Meyrau.
A little more rolly, but excellent bouys and clean port where also Smøla from Kristiansund was - now the local ferry. Seems this is were they go on retirement...
The girls could not care less about old Norwegian ferries, but have rigged their own entertainment:
The island has since 1969 been developed as a "rich hide away" with large villas hidden in hills and beaches with parc like areas in between. Cruisers were still welcome especially to famous Basil's bar - where we all hung out to meet the stars! We just missed Hugh Grant, but Tommy Hilfinger had BBQ on the hideaway beach which we had found also. Unfortunately, servants did not come to dust away the sand or cook the BBQ for us...
Neither did Mick Jagger or Bryan Adams invite us to their houses at the back of this beach:
We enjoyed stretching our legs on the many small trails to the playground up the hill and a wonderful little airconditioned library with wifi. Small and big boys preferred still watching the small planes coming virtually downhill on the small airportgstrip.
Einar was also pleased we came as he could continue playing with many of the boys he had met in Bequia: most other Norwegians boats also came this route.
Lego is always good when the Caribbean Winter winds and tropical rain set in.
It was tempting to stay for New Year to maybe see a few stars?
We opted for the peace of the Tobago Cays...away from the civilization and fireworks as we start 2008
These small sandy islands is now a marine parc to protect it. Despite high winds of to 25 knots, plenty of boats had the same idea and found still great protection behind the big horseshoe reef. It effectively kills the big waves of the Atlantic coming straight at us. The wind made this still a different experience and it has taken a few days for the clear, incredibly turquise water to return. Snorkling here is a guaranteed turtle experience although this year there are noticeably fewer.
New Year's Eve we celebrated on Regina (with the biggest cockpit) filling up with new friends from three other Norwegian boats. Kids, teens, parents, grand parents, and newly weds in a happy gang of 23! Who needs fireworks when we have fog horns and outdated safety flares!