Blues,body boarding and happy girls

Espen Aalstad
Tue 29 Jan 2008 21:11
12:52.5N 61:12W Mustique
The heavy winds have prevailed for Erna and Kjell's last few days on board; yet gave a last good sail up from Grenada to Union Island.
We still trusted the anchor for a quick trip to Petit St. Vincent turqoise waters and private resort. The boys proudly picked coconuts at the beach and got help from the local bbq-chef to open them. Einar still prefers snorkling:
Tobago Cays was rougher with again another 25knot+ wind on the reef and a day of rain showers.
Fortunately, the grand parents take off from Union Island in a small twin engine was less choppy! These planes came at least every hour in Union.
En route to St. Lucia before the Norwegian winter.
And then we were just the regular Regina crew again. We have all enjoyed having family with us since Christmas, and Kjell has done 8 weeks with us! Bravo!
Yet, we feel a little liberated to be alone for the first time since before the ARC.
Hoping for third time luck, we went back out to the Cays...maybe there finally would be less wind for snorkling in this paradise. 
No such luck! Instead Minerva invited to kids' taco night! Magnus loves coming on big Olas boat and has no problem with Bergensk.
Einar was even more excited when his fishing with real bait attracted a big blue spotted ray - only to dive after it with Elin. Regi did not like the other one swimming almost in the surface....
Our luck was not with us as we left the Cays either. Just as we exited (having loaded engine and dinghy on board, puh!), we could feel the weather change ...maybe to worse or better...Big clouds and less wind...
We still left as Elin has plans in Mystique.
A little later Magnus throws up for no good reason...
Then we lose a big mahi-mahi. We had hoped to show Kjell and Ole we also could fish...not yet! It was beautiful and all we have left is a mess in the line.
And the weather changed to a few very quiet days...
The return to Mustique though was well worth it! The well planned, rich island was an even bigger contrast this time.
Our friends from Miervan had made great plans:
Elin and Mathilde finally got to ride horses. When you have not enjoyed your favorite hobby for six months, why not do it on Mick Jagger's beach?
The boys had a real feel of Atlantic waves on the Macaroni beach. Perfect for body surfing and fun to try Swift board.
School this week was all inspired from a great and free excellent Library on this special island.
And then there was the Mustique Blues Festival! Excellent musicians come to enjoy the island and play. Some famous like Dana Galaspee .
Einar met up with Papa George (left)from England.  Now he wants to play guitar even more.