Day 15 - the bet is on

Espen Aalstad
Mon 10 Dec 2007 17:54
15:32N 51:29W
On target in E 15-20 kn making 7-8 kn all day (after a poor wind night). Sunny and only one rain shower in last 24 hrs - lucky compared to forecast..
Anticipation and a certain impatience is slowly spreading among the crew - arrival within reach! With less than 400 nm miles to go and a good wind forecast (20 knots), we will make it ahead of Lucia (Swedish christmas tradition) and spot on our original 17 days estimation. We would love to make it in daylight on the 12th for pictures on the finishing line and to be cheered on. Right now, it looks like we will just do it. The crew is though split with Elin and Kjell betting we will be a little later (or think our speed will fall). We will know by tomorrow if they must buy the first drinks... The 12th is also the first welcome party by the ARC for the first "few". Funny enough we have not seen a sailboat today either...must be a fan on Google Earth narrowing in on Pidgeon Island. 
Trondhjem's Lapskaus was popular last night.. No fish still.