Happy Easter from genuine St. Kitts

Espen Aalstad
Sat 22 Mar 2008 12:45
Dear blog readers!
We hope you also will have a peaceful Easter. We have seen in Aftenposten how winter has come back to southern Norway: kos dere med påske egg og marsipan i steden! Det savner vi! To our friends skiing in Norway, the Alps and Japan...enjoy for us also!
Here the unsual winter swell is coming down after a rolly night outside Basse Terre, St. Kitt. The storm has also brought cloud and rain:  we have done some school (all five kids at once) and moved up to the capital to tour the island. The water on the south coast here turned very murky as the waves stir it up.
The island has been a pleasant surprise and the Kittians very friendly. We are happy we came - ironically thanks to the swell.
Somehow an island of contrasts:
St. Kitts is the 'mother colony' as both the British and the French settled here first in the 1600s and spread out from here - yet the last British colony to gain independence.
Road Town was the first village: today there is not much here.
Like other islands, it has a violent history of indian slaughters and colonist fighting it out - yet unlike others the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean (no fines, only time served).
Brimstone Hill fortress is a UNESCO heritage site and is a pride of the island. The British volunteers were recruited with  'you loved your country, your king and your religion and  hated the French and damn the Pope' . Little did they know this beauty brought a much tougher life first coming across the Atlantic and then tropical deseases.  
Rich fields of suger cane dominate the landscape with many ruins of sugar mills - unfortunately the government' s expropriation of the land did not make a profitable business and today's there is no production. We wonder if the Int'l Monetary Fund had intended this waste of cultural history, but the boy's loved to pick their own for free.
Fortunately, some plantations as successful restaurants and hotels today such as Rawlins plantation.
Where the chef taught the kids 'Old Man Treasure' and he learned 'Hei Knekt'.
and the manor reminds you of rich plantation owners.....
Volcanic landscape is prevalent - yet no eruptions since pre-Colombus. Everybody here crosses their fingers.
The volcanic coast was an impressive sight of nature's power - the long swell is hardly visible until it breaks.