Oysters and Tarpons

Espen Aalstad
Thu 17 Apr 2008 20:00
 18:29.98N 64:23.12W Monkey Point
In the ARC, we were impressed how our friends on Fuerte got special preparation service from Oyster, their boat maker.  Here in the BVI, they had the Oyster Regatta week.
Observing 40+ Oysters coming together in the Bight this week, it was obvious again Oyster has some good marketing people:)
Jeanneau has a lot to learn to create loyal customers. While Oyster seems to keep and trade you up to a bigger boat, Jeanneaus seems to only sell and lower prices (so
maybe we shop somewhere else!). But then Oyster is also in another price league...only Fuerte did not have paid crew in the regatta.

The kids enjoyed coming together again. Funny how school goes a lot easier when there are  movie nights, sleep overs and exploring new places together.
Nobody seemed to mind a full day of rain even. The boys spent an afternoon on a very wet beach; although their application to become bartenders was not
accepted. Instead the hermit crabs found new homes. Scott enjoys comics and now Einar is hooked on Beano too.
Even more fun is driving a dinghy to your friend. Watch out Hallso sund.
Elin and Laura wanted to race to Jost van Dyke. Fuerte was certainly more trained racers as we could see already at the start:

Regina clearly should have had the edge in the light down wind, but not so without the boom.  Some comfort still that we beat them by days in the ARC:)
At Jost van Dyke, we met up with new 'Oyster friends' Nick and Sarah who runs charter here on Magathea. Their dinghy was perfect for dragging the kids in a ring (finally!).
The Fuerte show of their drama class with aliens topped the evening for the kids. Dinner at famous Foxy's was though a show in poor service.

Charter captain Nick was the perfect tour guide to take us around for a day so we moved school! First to the Bubbly Pool east on the island.
With both tide and swell low we could only imagine this when the bigger waves from the Atlantic washes over and 'bubbles'.  Even more fun for the teens was jumping off the cliffs on the outside and beeing dragged toward the pool again.


 Monkey Point was a thrill for all ages. Nick told us we would swim with tarpons, but maybe we should have checked our books first.
When a two meter long silver fish comes up under you in shallow water, no wonder somebody said shark! The ten or so tarpons was though very peaceful.
Tarpons is also a perfect spelling practice!
We said good bye to both Fuerte and Magathea for this time. They have visitors to welcome.
We have only a few more weeks left and the nice weather seem to be here to stay. What a school yard.