Amsterdam - canals day and night

Espen Aalstad
Sat 1 Sep 2007 22:30
52:22.93N  04:54.38E
Another lock from Enkhuizen onto Markenmeer before we came to Amsterdam. Recommended as the best port Six Haven was indeed perfectly located across the railroadstation yet that was it. Squeezed between a run down dock & a few houseboats and very small it goes on the bottom of our port list so far. Yet an experience! Two meter manouver room is not much for a 15 meter boat...and worse when you do not know it entering. A remarkable Mr. Havenmeister with his whistle made room for us too. Fortunately, we discovered we could move to Harleem the next day at the starting lock of our next canal cruise. Sightseeing from there was perfect through ethnic market and onto Damplaas for pidgeons and clows. A loooong walk around the canals (our daily exercise is actually doing well so far). We should have biked like the natives.
Anne Frank's house was the highlight for all: especially for Elin just fresh from history class and also for Einar a good lesson in another reality. A sad and moving tour through her house; though also inspirational mark of stamina and human rights. Amsterdam was just as lively and multicultural as expected - and mostly sunny.
At 1:45 am we cast off for the Staaende Mast Canal South with nine other boats. This is the only time the railroad bridges will open. 2 RR bridges and 12 others in the first two hours in moonlight - while the bridgemaster raced on his bike to open them all! A quick sleep and then timed opening for the next bridge at 8 am direction Rotterdam.
Into Haarlem
This house is actually leaning over
All the houseboats