The 'Isle of Spice' & a wet waterfall

Espen Aalstad
Tue 15 Jan 2008 20:03
12:02N 61:48W
Grenada is the biggest island we will visit in the Caribbean as we have now decided to not go further south to Tobago and Trinidad. We'ld rather have time for Cuba.
This islands green mountains and rich interior is also visible from the sea.
Coming into St. Georges reminded us of coming into Bergen with its round harbour and 'Hansalike' houses, including the big cruiseship. Even Minerva who is from Bergen thought so!  A new marina is under development and especially the kids enjoyed a break from anchoring and always dinghy to get ashore. Instead, they came into *Kardemumme by* with paths for their small scooters, which has not been in use since Europe. Even more fun when ARC friends from Roxanne also showing up in to port - even if Dutch is difficult to understand. The five children made the marina suddenly very lively!
This seems an island to explore for days...with plenty of tourist traps (cruise ship crowds).
We wanted off the beaten track and hiked to the 'Seven Siters' waterfall with our friends from Minerva. A great jungle path up and down. It turned to be quite a challenge - and slippery and muddy - given the recent rain. Even more so when we got tropical rain just as we hit the waterfall. Everything was wet within seconds. We were a sorry bunch for a while, but got a memory for life and some really muddy shoes. Wonderful on a boat.
Coming down to the falls with sticks to not slide.                                    Einar of course loved this hiking (yes the picture is not in focus but watch the path!)
We still had a very educational 'jungle' experience of the island's nature and spices. We got fresh Cinnamon cut off the bark of the tree - it smelled Christmas. We walked between trees of bananas, bread fruit and passion fruit, and got to cut down a chocolate 'fruit'. Thebig  chocolate seed are actually white and slimy its plant and needs to be burned and grounded before it comes out dark and with its rich smell.
In the small spice shop on the way we learned more about the local spices - lot's of nutmeg (muscat). Chocolate in yellow open fruit.
Mannikou - a local delicatesse - was less appealing as we saw it getting skinned outside the shop. A big cat like rat...
The local market is another 'must' experience in St. Georges on Saturday mornings. Farmers from the island come to town.
We can learn more about cooking the new fruits and vegetables. Grandmas sweet potatoes is now very popular.
With school starting, we make sure the kids also feel it is weekend. Easier this time with Sunday being Regi's birthday. We went for our first (!) full beach day!
Fortunately, the taxi driver took us to a more 'local' beach! In its quiet waters Magnus could practise his new fins and snorkel, which he has wanted for so long.
We continue on Grendada's south coast. Many small 'fjords' while we wait for a new oven glass coming from Europe.
It exploded inside while in use....all is not fun. No pictures from recent toilet repairs....