ARC kids: "a life, not vacation"

Espen Aalstad
Sun 4 Nov 2007 21:14
The ARC boats and kids we met in Mohammedia all sailed into Marina Rubicon over a few days. While the crew and boats clearly had mixed experienced from Morocco, we all enjoyed hanging loose at this marina. The ARC flag is a social invite and we bonded over sailing experiences. The kids loved their playtime together.
As Erik (12) from Norway said "I am starving for social contact". 
But as Scott, Einar's lively new friend on Fuerte, reminds us "this is life and not a holiday" so we all caught up on school, repairs, laundry, cleaning away Sahara and bunkering.
After a fun "parents meeting" for drinks one night, Einar arranged Saturday afternoon fun with 17 kids. Enough of parents sharing sailing experiences!
All were invited per dinghy to first bunghy jump and then pool time. So fun that he next day a smaller group made "Kids day" with new games.
The cafe treated Einar to ice cream for all the business he gave them.
Fortunately these boats also include the only teens we have seen to Elin's joy. Imagine bowling and pizza without parents after days or weeks in tight space. We will have to get used to knock on the stern and Elin's cabin morning and night....
Like Elin, Erik and Tore from Pareto share experiences of living abroad and easily fit in with many languages. They are already talking about Christmas Eve together in Bequia...
We left knowing that we soon connect for more fun in Las Palmas and maybe also Tenerife. 
More ARC "life" ...........
Homework coming south on Fuertaventura. Math is easiest at sea!
School break with fresh "kanelboller".
Or walking when others can drive......