Departure Hallso

Espen Aalstad
Sat 11 Aug 2007 15:30
58:57.49N 11:05.85E

Finally off – though leaving our favorite port is always difficult. Even if we have been preparing for months/weeks, departure was still hectic before the last bits and pieces were on the boat. Some comfort having read this happens to the experienced locean sailors also.  Einar actually arrived to port in pajamas as Regi had packed all his clothes. The Regina team  surprised the farewell gang with brand new Regina team shirts from our P&G friends : looked great. Lucky us to have Regi’s family as land crew to help, feed us  and close out Hallso...and later crew on as reward!

We set off South to Otterøn on the Swedish West Coast – to revisit memories from year ago and as a starting point to cross Skagerrak. A beautiful quiet afternoon on Kosterfjorden quickly turned to black clouds in the south. So at Reso, the captain turned west and instead our first leg became a night to the Norwegian South Coast. Between rocks and seals a memorable sail and sunset for everybody in E/NE 10-14 knots wind. The girls took the first leg and the captain and boys went to sleep. Einar only after expected first sea sickness.…we know he will struggle at first. Brave and proud still in new sailing clothes he stayed with the girls until it got dark. A quiet Skagerrak for Espen’s leg by motor. Anchorage by 6 am in Hestholmen. Us and the sea gulls.

Magnus (5), Einar (8), Espen, Elin (14), Regi





Land support crew - Regi's family


Seals South of Koster