day 7 - found the trade wind!

Espen Aalstad
Sat 1 Dec 2007 16:25
20:22N 28:21W
W 255 degrees, 15-20 kn E wind, 7-9 kn speed, overcast, 30 degrees in water. 
Last night we found the trade wind(passat) with steady easterly up to 25 knots - and bigger, rolling waves. The last 24 h have been our best in distance of 180 nm and highs of 10 knot speed. At this rate we have 250 hours left, 10+ days and less than 1900 miles. The spinnaker boom is a must for the down wind of genoa. It was up a good 20 hours until a big broach (rudder out of water with a big wave) had Espen lifting at the wheel and unfortunately the boom breaking off again. We are now convinced the metal is weak. It is up again after a hours of repairs, yet it must hold as we are running out of repair solutions and need the speed (worth a couple of days of total time for us). 
The mood on board is still good! Last nights' Mediterranean evening was a hit with Moussaka and creative salad.
St. Claus has come by over night for Elin with a chocolate calendar strung along our fruit net. He is creative. Mrs. St. Claus has a surprise gløgg and pepperkakor for the crew tonight on Dec 1. Elin's history lesson of Norway's independence in 1905 will bring more festivities even if under Swedish flag:)