Day 13 - surfing

Espen Aalstad
Fri 7 Dec 2007 20:05
16:51N 45:14W
On target to St. Lucia in 20-25 knot E wind, we are surfing on the waves and holding 8-10 knots speed. The mighty waves tower high behind the boat at times, and when the boat shivers down the wave of the surf we all check the GPS for speed record. Today it is 14.4kn. Sometimes we also look at hours to St.Lucia,  which of course change with our speed..optimistically today below 90 hours. More often we look behind us for the clouds and rain moving in. Rain and sun come and go.
We were lucky yesterday escaping the worst of the thunderstorm. Other boats has reported damage.We instead did a record 190 nm in 24 hours! We shoot for 200 today and hope the wind don't die out as usual in the early mornings.
Menu of the day: cinnamon rolls, Bergen Fish soup (we love Toro by now) and olive bread. Biggest drama today was Regi almost losing her sunglasses overboard.