15 on Union Island!

Espen Aalstad
Thu 3 Jan 2008 20:48
12:35N 61:24W
A memorable birthday for Elin as she turned 15!
First morning on the reef in Tobago Cays. Presents like the sudden tropical rain came through the hatch along with traditional song and a little breakfast in bed.
The boys were just as excited to come down the hatch.
Early afternoon on Union Island, surprise birthday cake thanks to Natalie who had a friend make a cake for us. Elin's new friends from Pareto and Minerva also enjoyed real cake!
We have come into Union Island to  fill up tanks and food. A much more 'local' feel and ashore you can still feel the damage from a hurricane some years ago.
Fortunately, we found space in port for a change which old and young enjoy. The small hotel inside must have more potential than the few guests we see.
Magnus enjoys a quiet beach also for a change and makes new friends again.