Spectular Algarve entry

Espen Aalstad
Mon 24 Sep 2007 22:11
37:05.06N 8:39.68W  Lagos
The entrance to the Algarve coast was just as spectacular as expected as we rounded Cabo de Sao Vicente. The coast line to the north is rocky and like a plateau, and the SW corner of Portugal is one big cliff. This is where sailors often fear conditions coming around to the north meeting the "nortada", but we came down on a slight northerly wind only. Quite a surprise when the north wind picked up to 25 knots on the soth coast - the best sailing for days. So much for dinner preparations.
75NM and 9 hours at sea we were hungry. The highlight of the day was the dolphins showcasing their jumping.
The first real village on the coast is Lagos. The marina is impressive: 650 boats (our 49 foot boat is not large here), excellent facilities and protection up a little canal to the basin. The small and pretty village seems to be a well kept secret to Scandinavians. No so to the brits as it seems it is their winter haven. You can still visit the old Slave Market, which now is a gallery.
6km beach just a 10 minute walk is a joy in late afternoon when school and work on the boat is done. Genoa is repaired again. Espen climbed the mast to better fit the Lazy Jack for the main and Regi had quite an excercise hauling him up.
Portugals SW tip Cabo de Sao Vicente
Learning to body surf
Acrobat and heavy lifting