Antigua - in Admiral Nelson's path again with Swedish pirates

Espen Aalstad
Sun 2 Mar 2008 13:23
17:00.28N  61:45.6W English Harbour
It is six month's since we last crossed Admiral Nelson's path at Trafalgar and Cadiz. Einar knows him well from London!
Antigua was his training ground and it is said it was so happy days for him that he brought a keg of rum back for his body when he dies. After 5 days on the island we understand.
From the sea, it is very obvious why the English found natural protection in English Harbour and why the French failed taking it.
Young Nelson lived in the Dockyard which today is beautifully restored. He probably could not imagine roing boats like this one crossing the Atlantic.
The tall ships of the past are gone, but Antigua attracts superyachts and racers. We became very small, but who cares with famous neighbours like this.
Ray, what do you think of Peter Blake's old ship? It is raw inside and outside!
But the Swiss also has done well on the high seas, and Regina's new larger crew is ready to defend Alinghi's colors'.
Maria, Olivia and Amada has arrived from Geneve and thanks to them we at least win the beauty contest for crews.
Still, Regina's crew wants to show their true colors and Oliva and Einar make sure we fly both Swedish and pirate flags.
We now heas east on the island and hope the waves have come down to give our new crew a soft start.