Berbudaful vacation

Espen Aalstad
Mon 10 Mar 2008 22:03
17:33N 61:45W Antigua - Berbuda
We skip ski vacation this year:) Yet, the kids (and teachers) also deserve a break and we had saved up to vacation for Maria and the girls' visit.
Einar especially needed both the break and friends...even if he was a little nervous playing with 'just girls'. Immediately forgotten once the playful Amanda and Oliva arrived who was just as much into climbing, swimming and pirates...and adored him. Magnus followed happily the gang whatever they were up to for the week.
The new Swedish pirates got first hand introduction to Kaptein Sabeltann songs all over Deep Bay & met up with Langeman. 
We had a better show than the Pirates of Antigua next door. A wreck is barely visible in the bay and the wind up to 30 knots.
Great Bird Island on Atingua's NE coast. More rocky archipelargo like home and even the same windy rainy afternoon.... it changes faster!
The heavy wind persists, but we have set our sights on Berbuda.  The girls' anticipation easily overwins the big Atlantic waves that have buildt up - in 9 knots. 
Berbudia belongs to Antigua and must be Caribbean's best kept secret. This flat coral island luckily does not yet get many vistors and only has a population of 1600 plus goats and horses. Our windy passage gave a huge reward....we were alone almost off Coco Point, SW coast.
The 12 mile beach.....deserted, turquoise, and long........                                          The sand was 'white and soft like a pillow*, says Einar's diary.
'Better than Trondheim........!
We did get off the beach to explore Berbuda to caves of the arawaks indians and the unique fregate bird colony in the lagoon, but our camera battery ran out.
Fisherman Henry took us out in his boat in the lagoon and we felt we were in the middle of Hitchcocks's Birds. 
Last stop: Shirley Heights on top of English Harbour is THE thing on Sunday evenings....too many tourists (a cruise ship was in) yet a wonderful view.
Both Nelson and modern cruisers enjoy these natural safe anchorages. Regina is happy in front to the right. Mangrove hurricane hole in the middle and Falmouth Harbour also 'old' safe haven in the back.
Caribbean night here also with BBQ chicken ......
 and steel band.....a little loud for Einar! Great music from the height continued all night, but our guest sadly was off...