Kattegat og Lillebælt

Espen Aalstad
Thu 23 Aug 2007 22:00
56:24.26 N  10:55.56 E
We have seen a lot of the Kattegat 'ocean' today first at the Kattegat Center in Grenaa and then passing through it late afternoon & night. It was natural science class all morning between shark aquariums, spieces of home waters, and timely experiments of both tide and how locks work. Our young crew now has practical experience ahead of the Kiel canal. Magnus loved the outdoor water play area and Einar the sharks. Quite impressive even compared to the famous Genova aquarium last year!
Later an almost magic afternoon over Kattegat with no wind, first fog and then sun and quiet ocean - mirror like. Just unfortunately our engine's noise.
We are heading for Veijle where we finally can get the mainsail's Lazyjack and sheets checked out. 
Locks is fun
Einar finally found his Portugisisk Orlogskapten