Almost like the archipelargo at home....

Espen Aalstad
Thu 28 Feb 2008 13:57
17:04.36N 61:40.42W Green Island and Nonsuch Bay
Leaving Guadeloupe, we wanted to see its shallow north coast and maybe explore some desolate islands. Instead we found too much wind and small motor boats inside the mangroves and reefs. We left as soon as we could for Antigua even if it meant an eveing sail. In soft easterly trade we made it in 5 hours with rather friendly Atlantic waves.
They were a lot nastier once we had finished our clearing in in Antigua. The most paper copies to date!
We beat the waves and wind still heading to Antigua's eastern archipelargo - our so far favorite spot on this side of the Atlantic.  For the first time we found lonely natural harbours like home just  with better temperatures. Green Island and the big reef creates a large natural bay.
The high wind and waves on the outside also kept other boats away leaving us a few quiet days after all our passages north.  Even school got a little break.
The only visitors we had were turtles and for lunch one of the big tourist catamarans. We moved like the turtles.
Surfing west again, we were slaloming in squalls and lucky to avoid them.