Flying high in the full moon

Espen Aalstad
Sun 20 Apr 2008 16:25
18:26.7 N 64:32 W
Trellis Bay
On our own again, at anchor in shallow and well protected Trellis Bay. Another long term cruisers bay: we can tell by the number of boats that seem
to have been left there (for good?). Ashore, there are bars and art shops run by sailors gone ashore. Hardly the food we need here, but internet on the boat which we need these days . There is also an airshow next door.
All three boys would like to try this toy:

Magnus of course likes the fire truck more:

Formation flying is even possible with very old and different airplanes:

We end up staying as Einar also badly wants to go to full moon party on Sunday. The bay is filling up as this is quite a tradition. On the VHF, we hear the Norwegian boats planning a big arrival. Einar has found out the art shop lits up their special boxes in the water and there is a steel band.