Day 1 ARC

Espen Aalstad
Mon 26 Nov 2007 12:30
26:19N 17.03W 
Heading WSW in 16-18 knots. Waves 1-2 meters. Sun and overcast with a few squalls.
The ARC starts was impressive and exciting with live music, hundreds of spectators and boats everywhere.The ocean is already big! the 250 boats at the start became quickly only 50 or so visible and now we see only 5. We listen and chat a bit on WHF. Two boats at least have turned around with problems.
We have had good first 23 hours although the rolling takes getting used to, as when the wind died out at midnight in bigger waves. Regi was sea sick for the first time on the whole trip. We drink our water with disciplne but do not yet have a lot of apetite.
Still highlight was Swedish meatballs from Ikea and new Atlantic speed record 15 knots.