Southern North Sea to a special Vlieland

Espen Aalstad
Wed 29 Aug 2007 20:38
53:17.78N 5:05.37E
As the wind ceased at least a little we left with the tide mid day to gain speed with the current. Finally Eastbound and overnight to gain miles and 'reduce' the kids' time in the rough seas since the gales. It was a long roll, but 150 nm was worth it. This time Einar almost made it without getting seasick, but slept through the night.
A special coast with all the shallow sand banks: from 'native' recommendations we went to Vlieland island. The very friendly Dutch sailors have donated maps and recommendations as soon as we ask a question!
We had to stay the day! Vlieland is the NW corner of the Netherlands. Just like our favorite Koster islands though in larger scale: no cars, all bikes, lot's of tourists, rich nature and more sun hours. 94 different birds and in low tide sand banks as far as the eye can see. The boys measured the speed of the tide in our first beach hour so far! Everybody has also now tried the wonderful Dutch Puffetjes (waffle cookies) which Elin knows (thanks Lise-Lott).
Bikes everywhere in the main street