Day 6: Oh no, our spinnaker pole

Espen Aalstad
Fri 30 Nov 2007 14:17
21:28N 25:22W
West in 12 knot wind from NNE, calm sea. Only 6-7 knots speed without our spinnaker pole to help for last 20 hours. Sunny, warmer and now 28 degrees in the sea. Distancing one boat in the north.
In five min yesterday afternoon, we went from joy to despair. In downwind wing on wing, we enjoyed self made muscial quiz (inspired by Victoria's fun) . Ole was impressive. Nobody cared about Uptown Girl when a fish really stuck. Not as big as our lost swordfish, but a big mahi-mahi.
Unfortunately, our spinnaker boom broke at the fixation in the next wave.Everybody forgot about the fish. Since then, all minds have been on how to fix the pole. We ripped a big piece of metal off so how do we fix the mast fixation on again? With drill, hose clamps from webasto heater (who needs it now), long screws, tape and patience it is up again. So is speed.
We are celebrating with fresh made pizza rolls and cold beer while catching up on the emails from other boats emergenieces and more fun events.
The mahi mahi was the best meal so far last night. Grandpa's Norwegian history lesson today on political parties and trade unions start up. Elin passed the quiz.